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Swedish Massage
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The Swedish technique incorporates gliding strokes(effleurage), kneading (petrissage), friction (loosening the pressure points), tapotement (chopping, cupping, taping), vibration stroke or feathering that helps calm the nerves. All of these methods are used to help relax the muscles, fasca, newes, increase blood flow and increase lymphatic circulation. This helps the body to be healthier due to lack of stress and increased circulation and will also help get nutrients to the muscles and skin. The client is fully draped using sheets on the massage table. Relaxing music and the sound of a water fountain help to calm the mind and ease the soul. Many times people do not realize until they get a massage how tight their body has become. Massage has been used for century's to help the sick recover from sports injuries, work related overuse or poor posture injury and just to help you relax.

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