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Susan Holt
LMBT #761

Susan Holt
I have been practicing massage in hometown of Shelby since 1992. A former employer suggested I go to massage school when they recognized some natural talents I did not realize myself I had. Massage school was hard for me because everything was totally Greek to me, but I persisted and made it. When I finished massage school I didn't know how I would ever get a business started because I had no money and was looking after my elderly sick Mother. I spoke to the Dover Women's Club group about massage, subreeze oil and the Acuspark. One of the club members visited my Mother from Dover Church regularly and told me the owner of New Dimensions Hair Salon wanted a bottle of Sunbreeze Oil for her sinus. I shyly took her the bottle of oil and told her how to use it. She asked me how I knew this b and my reply was, "I'm a budding massage therapist trying to get my business started." Then her immediate reply was, "I've got a room back there." So I looked and decided to see if some of the hairdressers would let me work on them to see if they thought people might go for it. I was so poor when I started I bartered my rent at the shop for massage. Eventually I quit my job and decided to go out on a limb to see if I could make it. God seemed to oversee every step of my way. Sometimes I didn't have much money but never was without anything I needed. Most importantly my Mother had everything including care and medicine she needed. As time went on and my Mother needed more care, I could always make my schedule fit her needs(with my family's help, of course!). My parents were both older when I was born. My Daddy, George Holt, was 53 and my Mother, Grace Martin Holt, was 44 (lacking one month of being 45). The reason I give you all this story is to show even from my birth there have been many of those, non-coincidental, coincidences. My Mother spent one year in a nursing home and I could still be there for her as much she needed me helping her through a hard time away from home that meant so much to her. After nine years my Mother joined Daddy due to heart failure. By this time I had been practicing massage for four years. After my Mother's death, my business took off. It was like heaven opened up and blessings flowed out. I heard once when a loved one dies they leave you some of their talents, maybe so. In my massage room I keep a picture of my parents to honor them and as a thank you for getting me here so late in life. Thanks Daddy and Mother. Once my Mother, who was a hairdresser for over fifty years, asked me, pondering about my clients, "Honey are the people you work on nice?" I replied and laughed and said, "Mother everybody is nice when they get a massage." She laughed and said, "yeah, I guess so!"

Meanwhile, I kept studying, working and building my business with little advertising. I just did my best and hoped people would like it and come back, but more importantly that they would talk about it to friends and family. Well, luck was on my side and my business grew.

In July of 2002 I was fortunate enough to move into Gragg & Gragg's old office. We spent the whole month renovating the building making it feel just right for massage therapy.

Besides massage school (The Whole You School of Massage), I completed training in Polarity Therapy with Angela Plum, PHD, who was a wonderful energy and spiritual teacher. I also started studying Dr. John Upledger's CranioSacral Therapy. In 1995, I took Cranio/sacral Therapy I, and then went on to CranioSacral Therapy II. Soon, I plan to take Somata Emotional Release. Besides these formal training I have in the past thirteen years been on a quest for knowledge. The key to keeping my mind focused on my work is new knowledge and clients with new and harder ailments to correct. I have a great passion for my work and the study keeps me going. I LOVE DOING MASSAGE and helping people have a better quality of life. I love it when people tell me things like, "I feel better just being here"(that's before I get started), or "I look so forward to my massage," or "I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my massage to look forward to."

The joy I have is when people come back and have improved their health or have less pains or less headaches. I attempt to customize each massage to fit my clients needs from infants to the elderly. Another person who has stood by me is my sister, Beverly Bumgarner. She has been coming to our office for at least six years helping me fold sheets. At first, after our Mother's death, when my business grew and my arms, hands and shoulders were so sore, I couldn't have made it without her. Thanks to all my family for their loving support of my business and mission to serve others, it means everything to have family support. Also, a big thank you to the staff at New Dimensions Salon for supporting me in the building of my business. Also, a big THANK YOU to all my clients who have been loyal and have stood by me through good times and the hard times, you are the ones that made everything possible. Many of my clients have been with me from the beginning. Thank you for reading my story, may God be glorified in his works through me.

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