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Chi Aerobic Exerciser
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"15 minutes is equal to 10,000 paces of walking"
The Chi Machine was invented by a Japanese Doctor of medicine, - Dr. Shizuo Inoue. He has been researching the functions of the human body in the realm of medicine and science for 38 years. The principles of the Chi Machine are based on the results of Mr. Shizuo Inuoe's intensive research. The Chi Machine.
In 1993 The Chi Machine was awarded the Silver Eagle medal, the prize for the best product at the 2nd Asian-Pacific Direct-selling Congress. The Chi Machine is a totally unique device, which promotes local muscle relaxation. Just recline face-up on the floor with both feet placed upon its specially designed footrest. The Chi Machine rocks the entire body from left to right in a gentle, undulating motion.
The Chi Machine is the only original in this style made according to inventor's theory and standard. The product has been granted patent in the United States and listed by UL File E133341 for electrical safety.
Increase benefits of massage and chriopractic adjustments.

  • Reduces the problems with insufficient exercise.
  • Reduces muscular fatigue and pain.
  • Improves misalignments of the spine.
  • Improves poor posture and reduces resulting back pain.
  • Stimulates bone marrow activity and blood cell production.
  • Improves the Circulatory System.
  • Stimulates internal organ function such as lungs, stomach, the large and small intestines, kidneys, gall bladder the reproductive organs.
  • Improves constipation and reduce arthritic pain.
  • Strengthens and improves the function of the stomach while helping to regulate the appetite and disorders such as abnormal distension of the stomach.
  • Improves general bodily appearance.
Try the Chi Aerobic Exerciser at Harmony Bodyworks and feel the difference. Availible for sale through us.

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