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The Acuspark is similar to acupuncture but no needle. It is a pizeo-electric self-generated instrument that neutralizes static electricity and is non polarizing. It stimulates the release of the body's natural opiates that include endorphins, which are up to 50 times more powerful than morphine.

It produces a balanced, non-polarized energy. The instrument produces mechanical, thermal, and electrical stimuli. The electrical energy produced by the Acuspark is balanced positive and negative energy. It can only neutralize static electricity. It cannot polarize, depolarize, magnetize, demagnetize, or create a static field. No health claims of any kind are made for the instrument.

Using acupressure points to relieve pain in the body the Acuspark is another instrument we use to help the body achieve a better state of balance. The Acuspark helps to break up energy patterns in the body that may cause many of the symptoms that cause pain. The Acuspark is also available for sale at Harmony Bodyworks. Training is free with each purchase to ensure proper use of this instrument. This instrument can be used to maintain pain relief between office visits. We encourage our clients to help themselves achieve a better state of health. This modality can be very helpful.

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