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  Reflexology Therapy
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Foot Reflexology is another therapy we incorporate in our full body massage. It can also be done as a therapy session on its own. Foot Reflexology is the practice of stimulating areas of the feet that correspond to parts of the body.
  We tell our clients it is like the light switch that turns a light on - it is not the light but helps turn it on. Foot Reflexology is very relaxing - even ticklish people are able to tolerate handling of their feet when a firmer pressure is used. When you relax your breathing and thinking slows down which in turn helps to improce circulation and allows your body to use more oxygen. Lack of oxygen can cause cell damage which can lead to system failure in the body and a gradual decline ti dis-ease or disease. When you relax endorphins (the body's painkiller) are released and help us have less pain and feel pleasantly relaxed. Foot Reflexology charts were found on the walls of the pyramids in Egypt and have been used since as part of a healing.

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  The right sole of the foot matches the right side of the body and so with the left - corresponding organs are reflected with the body.
Here are a few different types to show the relationship between the foot and the entire body...
Here's a quick look at how the body matches to the sole ofthe foot. Notice how the shape and curve of the foot matches the shape and curve of the body.
The spine, the support centre of the body, is reflected in the inside curve of the foot. Studies have shown that the curve of an individual's foot match the curves of their spine with mathematical precision. Have a look at your own foot and those around you!!

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